Dentakos Construction Company SA was founded in 2007 by Konstantinos G. Dentakos, Surveying Engineering NTUA, under the name “DENTAKOS SA” based in Skala, a strategic location in the heart of Lakonia, due to the agricultural, commercial, financial and banking interest in the surrounding area. 

The founder, bringing in the company 30 years of experience in the fields of design, supervision and construction of public and private projects, quickly turned it into a dominant force in the field of full engineering service (topographical, architectural, structural, e/m design and supervision of these, building permits, permits of any kind connected to public bodies) and in the sector of private construction projects, guided by the identification and the specification of each case, the immediacy, the speed and the high quality in providing services and manufacturing. 

Important subject of the company is the real estate transactions, while since 2010, the company has entered dynamically in the field of Renewable Energy, expanding its activities in the fields of design, licensing and construction of land and residential solar installations. 

“DENTAKOS SA” is also a commercial-importing business, with the ability of intracommunitary transactions and collaborates with numerous Houses domestically and abroad. 

President and CEO is Konstantinos G. Dentakos while Vice President is his son, George K. Dentakos, Civil Engineer NTUA. The company is located in V.Theodosakou Street in Skala Lakonias. The company’s team is consisted of 3 experienced employees and collaborates with the most experienced consultants and established teams. The company has invested a lot on its software and its modern equipment. 

“DENTAKOS SA” respecting the wishes and specifications of each client and with allies the scientific training of the associates, the extensive experience as well as technology, continues its rapid course of trying to constantly exceed the expectations of those who trust it.

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